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This summer, Iconoclast Artists hosts Speak Up Speak Out (SUSO), an annual regional youth poetry slam, previously hosted by Mic Check. By hosting Speak Up Speak Out, we continue our mission of empowering the voices of our youth, creating connections and conversation, and inspiring improbable friendships.

Our goal is to create platforms for young artists to speak and be heard while connecting with youth from other communities. Speak Up Speak Out invites youth from cities across the U.S. to perform and compete with original works, in preparation for the international youth slam, Brave New Voices.

The schedule for Speak Up Speak Out 2019 has changed and will now be a one-day event on Saturday, June 22nd in Galveston, Texas. This will include workshops, an open mic, and a youth poetry slam. All events are open and free to the public.

Please see full schedule below.

  • Workshop w/ Ebony Stewart @ 1:00pm, Save 1900, 513 25th St., Galveston, TX

  • Workshop w/ Ayokunle Falomo @ 3:00pm, Save 1900, 513 25th St., Galveston, TX

  • Open Mic @ 6:00pm, Saengerfest Park, 2302 Strand St., Galveston, TX

  • Youth Slam @ 7:00pm, Saengerfest Park, 2302 Strand St., Galveston, TX

    For information about sponsorship opportunities, please email Torrina Harris at:

Click here to register To compete in the Indie Slam by june 21st:


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