Brooke Summers-Perry
Director of Visual Arts

Brooke Summers-Perry grew up in the woods in Kentucky and reconnects to these roots through contemplative looking, listening, and responding in visual arts and poetry. She holds degrees in psychology and architecture and certification as a spiritual director. Creativity fueled many career paths and connected her to a variety of trades and social entrepreneurs.

In 2005, she founded itscool2care. By managing peer lead teams in grades K-12, this community service group engaged youth in designing and executing advocacy and fundraising projects. She helped young advocates discover their interests, hone their skills, and apply their efforts to boosting organizations they selected to support. Inspired by the fruits of the itscool2care team, in 2015 she shifted away from architecture as her source of income to become the founding director of a spirituality center.

In 2017, she began integrating a variety of compassionate and creative practices to design curriculum and classroom games based on creativity, self compassion, wholeness, and interdependence. 

Working with various grade levels in Houston ISD she teaches creative writing and visual arts. She also leads workshops, retreats and one on one sessions with teachers and parents using integrated practices and leading community building discussions and reflections, making the practices applicable to daily life in the classroom, the workplace, and in the home.

She has written four children’s books and a book of compassionate practices, Transforming Habits. She shares insights and reflections on her blog, and simple practice worksheets on her website,